Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A few days into type 1

Today my loving mother talked to a diabetes nutritionist and then told me about the insulin pump, which will allow me to avoid shooting myself up with needles, and more importantly will allow me to eat a lot more like normal. Too bad it doesn't keep you from being a mediocre Major League pitcher, or Jason Johnson might still be throwing for the Tigers. Also it holds 0 mp'3's which is a serious disadvantage. Word has it the 25th Gen iPod will pump insulin, but by then McDonalds will have gallon fountain drinks and America will be so fat that they will have to pump insulin between the Sprite and Mountain Dew.

Currently I'm shooting up insulin the junkie way five times a day. I also prick my finger twice a day and run my blood through a little cell phone sized device to test my blood glucose.

There are certainly disadvantages to being in 'Nam as a new diabetic. I won't be able to get that pump here. There are no nutrition labels on the foods here. In the grocery store there isn't an entire row of low carb, sugar free foods here that I could close my eyes and almost pretend are Oreo's. I have seen nothing sugar-free besides gum and milk (I'm going to bring sugared milk back to the states with me for those that just don't get enough breakfast sugar in their Lucky Charms).

However, there are certain advantages to being on the Mekong with a sugar processing disfunctional pancreas as well. If I were uninsured in America all the medical stuff would cost me more. Also the price of produce is very low.

I'm lucky to have found a decent doctor who can I can communicate with easily.


Wyatt said...

Do those pumps stab you every so often? I'm picturing you walking around in the mall interrupted every once in awhile by a violent yelp. Look out American girls. Also seems like it would make it difficult to sleep.

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

I had a companion that was Diabetic, she found out just before her mission, she got so used to it, that she would do it without even thinking about it, even at night in the dark, she had one of those pen seringes. she even let me have my own needle to test my blood sugar!! Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, we've been thinking about you, and I bet you wont even know you're shooting up soon, it'll be like, picking your nose in your car, you wont even know you're doing it!!

Jake said...

If Wyatt's assumptions are correct that machine would best be put to use by taping it to someone while they are sleeping. Hilarious, plus they'll be getting their insulin. Funny and beneficial.

B.E.C.K.Y said...

I personal know two boys with insulin pumps. No worries, Wyatt. No stabs from the device. ;o)

Having a mother with medical resources at her disposal is a definite advantage.

Evonne said...

Hey Ryan,I just read your comments..yeah no alcohol is better for you:)
Thanks for comments.i will be happy.:)
I hope you are good,miss u a lot.
Take good care urself


Brittany said...

does this mean wyatt and i can't visit you while you're in "nam" because you're coming home earlier than planned? lame. it's always fun and games until ryan gets diabetes... thanks for ruining it for everyone*

*wyatt and brittany**

**who really aren't upset that they can't visit you in vietnam. would LOVE too - but no money***

***if wyatt ever gets diabetes we will be moving to vietnam for cheap medical care and sugar milk...which is for me. wyatt will be diabetic at that point and won't be able to eat sugar. i'll describe it to him...