Sunday, January 13, 2008

Duck/Fork Warning

Today's lesson included the vocabulary 'duck' and 'fork.' I'll be honest, I didn't see the danger in this until the first Vietnamese 6-year-old got a little mixed up and swore at me viciously (and I'm not talking about the word 'dork,' which I didn't hear). I tried my best not to respond at all, but it was funny to hear the f-bomb dropped by such innocent aggressors.
One of my students showed up with this cupcake necklace (double-click on the picture for a better view). I think it's the coolest thing ever. Can you blame me for trying to steal it? I may have 20 years and 3 feet on her, but she played her ace card early, started crying, and is still the owner of the legendary jewelry. Can you believe that somehow I turned out to be the bad guy? Pfft!

Eating in Vietnam is usually pretty good. I do like eating Vietnamese food, but going to the non-touristy restaurants can be very challenging. Even when the menus are translated, the translations can be a little ambiguous. Last night I was pretty sure that I knew what the 'Pig's Anas' was, and that I was not interested. I even had guesses for what the 'Fried Shrimps in Rolling' might be all about. But I was baffled by the 'Sauteed Pork in Dog Pretending.' I didn't go for that. I felt like fish, and with the help of my cute waitress and some bizarre gesticulations, I got a really nice dish for the price of small fries at McDonalds.


Evonne said...

hey Ryan,
I read your blog many times..and i love that video you drive ur scootert in vietnam.I like the song which one u gave me:)

i hope u r doing good there


Evonne said...

By the way,Happy New Year.
:)I still miss you very much.
I'll write u letter!

Brittany said...

mmmmmmmmm, dog pretending...

Katharine said...

Just teaching an American child to say "truck" can be very risky and not advisable in public places Mom