Friday, March 14, 2008

Grabby McGrew and the Power Gangers

There is this girl in one of my classes that hangs off me like a koala on a eucalyptus tree or a neck tie on a diabetic Oregonian in Saigon. She is one of those 9 year-old girls that usually acts like a cat. When she stands up form her desk I hear the music from 'Jaws' and desperately try to escape, but usually she catches me anyway. When I walk by her desk I try to make a really wide arc, but it hardly ever stops her--Grabby McGrew has mad grabbing skills.
I like my students. I just don't like being a coat rack where my students are coats.
One good thing about Grabby McGrew is her classmate's backpack:

There is no power in gangs. I am sick of having to fight that false and dangerous sentiment among my dear Vietnamese students. Gangs are bad.


Brittany said...

funny. but i still like the other student's folder better with the snowman and bob marley.

Anonymous said...

That's scary!