Monday, March 10, 2008

Air Bud: Sepak Bow-Wow!

I don't know what you're favorite Air Bud movie is, there are like 8 to choose from. I guess my second favorite would be 'Air Bud Spikes Back'--the volleyball one. I say second favorite, because my primary favorite is the one I am presently writing the script for, 'Air Bud: Sepak Bow-Wow!' It's based on the obscure SE Asian sport of Sepak Takraw.
Actually I just wanted to play around with GIMP. It's basically free Photoshop. I realize my skills need development, but I just wanted to give it a quick try, and I was very happy with it. It's available on PC and Mac. I've been using a bit of open source Software lately, including the Thunderbird email client and Open Office for word processing. I think it's a good idea to support the creators of this software.


Wyatt said...

Gimp is pretty cool. I downloaded it at work, but haven't used it much, I use photoshop primarily. But photoshop is very expensive. Open source software is great.

Evonne said...

miss ya!