Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ho Ngoc Ha

I know everyone has been checking my blog every few minutes to see when I would write about the Ho Ngoc Ha concert I went to a couple nights ago, and I will make you wait no longer. I went with some friends to check out a concert, and Ha was the headliner. She's an actress/singer/model; basically she's like Paris Hilton, that is if Paris Hilton wasn't a waste of organs bone and flesh and wouldn't run over her own grandmother to make sure people are talking about her and also was the least bit attractive or talented.
So I'm not crazy about Vietnamese pop music but it was fun to experience a show like this. There were about six acts altogether and my favorite was this guy who was wearing a mesh shirt and dancing like Usher and Michael Jackson had somehow had a Vietnamese baby (I wouldn't put it past them). He had some sweet moves. I was sincerely impressed.
One group performed Brittany Spears' song 'Toxic.' I never liked the song until I heard it sung by APO- a Vietnamese pop group of four girls, but now I still don't like it.


ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

man, vietnamese girls are babes. I think you should bring one back with you

Evonne said...

sounds good:)