Sunday, April 27, 2008

I need a job.

If you can help me somehow thanks in advance.

I have created an exercise for anyone who is thinking about earning a degree in English.

1. Create a resume with your English degree listed under 'Education'
2. Create a resume, but skip step'1'
3. Do you see a difference in your two (2) resume's? Employers don't.

I am interested in communications, advertising/marketing, education, social work, writing, second base for the St. Louis Cardinals or anything that would allow me to be creative, work with people in some significant way, or allow me to manage my fantasy baseball team all day.

I need something that has medical benefits to support this expensive insulin habit I have developed.

I'm also interested in positions (even beyond the interests listed above) that will help me pay for more schooling where I will earn a degree that someone gives a damn about.

I can live for free in Portland and Seattle (which is important to me right now), but really I just need to find work anywhere.

Being back in the States is alright. Looking for work sucks.

So, who do I sleep with?


Evonne said...

hey Ryan
I am worried about you
i hope u will find a job soon.


B.E.C.K.Y said...

Where have you already applied so we don't throw out ideas you have already tried? What would it take to go back to school for a teaching certificate (do they still call it that?) and apply at the various school districts?