Monday, November 26, 2007

Go ahead and complain about American traffic

Here is a little video I made of the traffic in Saigon. It is horrible.


Wyatt said...

That's pretty amazing that you could video all that while driving in it with just one hand. My favorite was the guy with the TV. I'll have to go try that. Next time we move I'm doing it on a motorcycle!

Brittany said...

yeah, i'm impressed with your driving skills too. though i'm wondering if you're helping the situation any by being a "careless" driver too. still very fun!

Katharine said...

When Dad and I come I want to walk please! Love-Mom

Ryan said...

Hi there Ryan Sylvester,

We are having a family gathering her in Orem, Utah with your parents, Malya and Ryan Bingham, Tanya was here and Mya and the boys. Jenny and Thom Eagan, Starley and Justing Shakespear, and Camille and Nicki.

We are watching your video clips and having a lot of fun. We loved the big screen tv on the motorbike and your students singing jingle bells.

Merry Christmas from the whole fam damily.

Be careful in traffic.
Auntie Gayle and all the family.

Evonne said...

I do like this vedio very much!Hey I dream about you last night,and you seems put on weight in my dream.haha,and i am glad you like the food in vietnam,thats pretty cool.are there any dumpling?lol

anyway,have a good day,and hope ttyl!
c ya